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Thursday, March 29, 2012

April Challenges!

How in the world is March almost over? I'm not quite sure where it went.

The planner in me is already mapping out the month of April. My biggest focus lately is my 50/50 Plan and training for the "Rock N Roll" Half Marathon.

This morning I stumbled upon this blog. It was so encouraging and a great reminder of Who needs to come first instead of what comes first. By shifting my focus more on God, I will be renewed in my mind and in my body. By God's strength, I will achieve my goals for April and meet the challenges I am about to lay out.

If you're wanting to lose weight, get in shape, continue to lose weight, maintain  your weight, eat healthier or just read something motivational and humorous, I encourage you to check out The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans blog.

So who is up for a little challenge? I know I am!

#1: Remain Focused: God, Calorie Counting, Fitness... in that order.

#2 : Abs in April. On the shrinking jeans blog they had challenges in February and March that worked your abs. Because I am late to the party, I decided to do the challenge in April instead. I know this says March... just go with it.
#3 Kick Ass in April. This is the actual April Challenge on Shrinking jeans:
*If the pictures don't enlarge so you can read the text, simply follow the link. They also have tabs to print the challenges from the link.

You don't have to do both physical challenges like I am but commit to one or the other. They take less than 5 minutes a day. To keep track of what I need to do daily, I have written each workout on my dry erase calendar that hangs in the kitchen.

So... who is in? Commit to it. Let me know about it and let your other friends/family know about it. Share the links on your blog and challenge others to do it. Give it a whirl and see what happens.


Melissa said...

I'm in! Not to these workouts specifically, but I've been prescribed a series of strength training exercises by my chiro I'm supposed to be doing daily. Sadly, I'm not, so I'm recommitting to my daily dose of hip flexor and glute work. Thanks for the instigation!

Paula said...

Shannon, Thanks for linking to my blog. I'm glad it was encouragement to you. I'm looking forward to doing the April challenge with you!