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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Unexpected Blessing

When it came time to purchase tickets for Jared's birthday gift, I emailed Chris from Anaheim Ducks Inside Sales for suggestions. 20 emails later, I had a great birthday gift for my guy. At the end Chris told me he would like to give us two tickets to a game to say thank you. It wasn't necessary on his part but so so sweet.

Chris, being the incredibly nice guy that he is, even apologized because our (free) tickets were not in a lower section like they normally would be. You see, the Ducks played the Detroit Red Wings last night and it is a big rivalry. Plus, there are a lot of Red Wing fans in these parts. Both Jared and I would be just as happy in the very last row. When someone goes out of their way to bless us with something, who are we to complain? Not that we would anyway.

Just after the first period started, I heard someone say my name and it startled me. I thought "who in the world would know me here?!?!" I turned around and there was Chris! He introduced himself to both of us and asked us to meet him in the hallway. There he told us that two tickets had come available and he immediately thought of us. He handed me the tickets and all I could do was look at them. I don't even know if I verbally said "thank you"! I was in shock that he would think of us when better seats(our original ones were not bad at all!) became available. Chris had to be on his way so we said good bye. That's when I really looked at the tickets. They were in section 226. FLOOR LEVEL! We were about 19 rows back from the glass. I don't think either of us have run down stairs so quickly.
Goalie Jonas Hiller

What Chris didn't know is about 5-10 minutes before we got the new tickets, Jared and I were talking about saving up to sit at floor level, just once. Both of us are very practical and saving for the future (rings, wedding, house etc) is definitely a priority. But... we love us some Ducks hockey! Going to so many games this season has spoiled us and turned us into die hard fans.

Sitting here tonight, I am a little choked up. To think that someone would go out of their way to give us such an amazing gift is just a bit overwhelming. To most people they are just hockey tickets but it was really a dream come true for both Jared and I. Chris will never know just how thankful we are. The smiles never left our faces. Not once!

Not only was it a fantastic game, we witnessed some great milestones for a few of the players. There were also some comical attendees around us. We had angry guy/Red Wing fan to our left. Critiquing every move the Red Wings made and cursing when they did something he didn't want them to. Then there was "I am going to stand while everyone else is sitting" guy. Really dude? Just.sit.down. Funny... he was a Red Wing fan also. There was also the "haha your team is losing so I am going to poke the sleeping bear until it gets angry" guy. The Ducks were winning 4-0 and this guy was just twisting the knife. It was kind of hilarous. It was typical sports banter until the guy behind him got in his face. Bad ass usher chick quickly pulled them both out of the stands. Ahhh good times!

When we went to leave, we were a little disoriented haha. We stood outside of the Honda Center asking each other "where are we" and "where did we park?" We exited on the completely opposite side of where we entered the building because our seats had moved. We figured it our and laughed out ourselves. I think my directionally challenged side has rubbed off on Jared. At the gas station a tow truck parked behind my car while I was inside getting coffee for the drive home. Apparently he didn't see the silver car parked in the parking spot? There was not a dull moment last night and we enjoyed every single minute of it!

Our next game is March 28th. Anaheim Ducks vs San Jose Sharks. We won't be alone this time. Jimmy, a misguided and clearly dillusional Sharks fan, and Jessica are going with us. 2 incredibly smart Ducks fans and 2 Sharks fans... should be interesting!

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Jessica LaTour said...

That's so awesome! I love when those kinds of things "just happen" ; )