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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Sleep over of Sorts

One of the only things I had planned during my vacation was to have my niece, Peyton, over for a sleep over. I was excited. Probably just as excited and a certain blonde 4 year old.

I had plans. BIG plans for us! I was going to buy the movie "Hop". Have you seen it? It came out in theaters last Easter. Such a cute movie. Unfortunately, it didn't get released on DVD until 2 days after the sleep over. *sigh* oh well.

After I picked Peyton up, we went to the store to get toppings for our homemade pizzas, rent a movie and pick out what we wanted for dessert. She reaaalllyyy wanted to see Happy Feet 2 so of course we got that.

There's a duck pond close to my apartments so the kids always ask if we can feed the ducks. This time I was ready for the question. The minute we walked in my door, Peyton was asking if we could feed the ducks. Along the way we met a super sweet cat that was hanging around near the duck pond. Peyton was hoping it would follow us home. I kind of was too.

She colored in the Dora coloring book I got for her. We made out pizzas together. While I was taking pictures of her pizza she tells me " You can make your pizza next and I will take a picture of it". She also told me we were going to make smiley faces with the pepperoni.

After dinner we made out dessert... fruit pebble krispy treats. I love that Peyton is old enough to help me. She told me we should cut them into heart shapes when they are cool. She also likes to wear my aprons. We both had sticky fingers when we were done and I explained to her that licking the fruity pebbles and marshmallows off your fingers at the end is one of the funnest parts! She agreed

We each grabbed one treat and snuggled under some blankets on the couch to watch Happy Feet 2. About 15-20minutes into the movie she started asking if she could go home. She didn't stop asking. Then she added "I want to go home. I don't like your house". I was crushed. I finally told her to get her shoes on and I would take her home.

I dropped her off and cried all the way home. I know she's 4 and she probably didn't mean the words but they did make me sad. I had been looking forward to this for a couple of weeks. In the end, she told my sister in law that she had a lot of fun at my house. I guess we will try again in time. Overall it was a lot of fun and I am glad I got to spend that time with her.


Crystal said...

Aw Shannon :( Kids are so funny like that tho!

When my kids first started going over to my mom's house they were unsure at first too (usually around evening time too). I took one of their blankets over there and found "spares" of their favorite stuffed animals that stay over there now too. Now every time they go over they have something there that is super familiar and precious to them (besides Gamma & Papa Bob).

Hang in there, it does get better!

Jessica LaTour said...

Oh, you are such a fun Aunty! I want to come over for Fruity Pebble treats!

Before Noah was born our house was "boring". When Natalie would come over to play, we got the tin of all different scented tealight candles and smell them.