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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cory & Heather

There's a new Mr. & Mrs. in town. My good friend, Cory and Heather, finally tied the knot on Saturday. They've been together around 6 years or so. This day was much anticipated by a lot of people. It was a beautiful warm day in Temecula.

Cory was the picture of calm before the ceremony. Honestly, I have never seen him so happy. He was even giving me a pep talk when the cake was trying to ruin my day.

Heather was a stunning bride and I could see the joy and excitement all over her face as she walked down the aisle towards her awaiting groom.

Jared had the chance to meet some of my Cal Fire family and I saw some old friends.

Some of the Cal Fire family in attendance: me, Kris, Cory, Heather, Merrick, Jason, Sean

Us and Mr & Mrs Buckley. One of my favorite couples!

There was good food, great company, dancing, music and toasty warm fire pits when the evening turned cool.

I even got to dance with my love :) He's not much of a dancer but the Groom requested all couples come out to the dance floor. How do you say no to the Groom when it is his special day? All in all it was a great time!

Congratulations Cory & Heather Costa!

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