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Sunday, May 22, 2011


I don't think it comes as much of a shock to anyone that Jared and I are planning on spending our lives together. A few weeks ago he mentioned that we should go ring shopping sometime soon. This news was via text message so he didn't hear the squeal of excitement or see the happy jump I did in my kitchen. He did experience my pestering (I'm sorry again babe) and my not so subtle hints of "sooooooo what do you want to do today??"

On Friday he finally said we were going to go look at rings. This particular trip was not to purchase a ring but for me to try on different ones and decide what I like. Being a woman, I may have thought once or twice about what kind of ring I would want (Three stone round cut white gold band) but I actually found a few that were different form that, who knew!

We started out at the mall and cruised stores like Zales, Kay, Daniels, Levi & Sons and Helzberg. First of all, both Jared and I are aware that the mark up on the rings in these particular stores are pretty high so our rings probably won't be purchased at one of them. Secondly, every single sales person was exactly that, a sales person. Only one lady introduced herself to us before starting to show us rings. Only one of them asked what I like and what I had in mind. Even if I wasn't asked, I would tell them what I liked yet they still didn't show me those rings. They still went for the biggest stone possible and the most bling. I am a simple girl. I don't want anything too big or too flashy. So yeah, the almost 2ct giant Celebration Solitaire ring that the Zales lady showed me first thing, not so much. No joke, that was the first ring she showed me... without even asking my name or what I had in mind. See ya!
I had absolutely no problem walking out of every single store at the mall. We thanked them for their time and moved on. We went to probably 5 or 6 stores and it took less than an hour. I saw nothing that I liked. Some even asked if we had set a date. UMMM we aren't engaged yet... that's why we said " we are just looking today to see what I like". Guess that confused them?

I figured we were done ring shopping for the day so we headed to the Corvette Diner for some delicious lunch then to the Zoo in hopes of spotting the new baby Hippo. For the record, we did see the Baby Hippo. Like its legs and butt. He was being a little shy, the little booger.

The Zoo closed early and once we were in the car we tried to figure  out what to do next. Jared said we could go look at more jewelry stores. Like I would say no to that?!? I think it took about 2.5 seconds for me to reach my phone and google San Diego jewelry stores. We were soon on our way to Robbins Brothers.

We were greeted immediately and soon after Judy , the sales associate, introduced herself and offered us water or a soda. She was very sweet and not pushy at all. She opened her folder and immediately asked what I would like and what my tastes are. She explained the process and eventually lead us over to start looking at rings. She stood back while I looked in the case and showed me the ones I asked about. After I started choosing rings, she made suggestions and showed me similar ones. Funny as it was, every ring fit my finger. Apparently I have an average size finger of size 6. WooHOO! Atleast something on my body is a size 6! Moving on...

Judy was very helpful. She took her time and explained everything along the way. She didn't get caught up in the designer mumbo jumbo that Jared and I wouldn't understand or care about. At the end there were 4 rings that I really liked. She had me place them in order 1-4. #1 was probably the first ring I tried on. I l-o-v-e-d it. So I ranked them and right away she said "ok let's be honest, the decision isn't between number 3 and 4 so let's put those away. Let's look at number 1 and 2". I was pretty impressed with that.  When it came time to leave we explained that it was our first day looking and we weren't ready to settle on something. She was so understanding and gave Jared her card that had the product number of the ring I love.

In a total girl move, I started crying when Jared and I were alone and saying good bye for the night. I was overwhelmed with how wonderful the day was. In a matter of hours, reality set in that all of my dreams really are coming true. It is one thing to talk and talk and talk about it but it is a whole other ball game when the process actually starts happening.

Oh, and I may or may not have looked at that particular ring every day since I saw it.


Jessica said...

Sigh. Love!

Supercute said...

I love this!! Yay for such a great day.

A few notes on rings...be very careful in confirming what metal the ring is, check the stamp on the inside. We got my ring from Robbins Bros and they told us my ring was white gold. When we started looking at wedding bands we found out it was palladium! We actually LOVE the palladium (almost identical to platinum, and you don't have to get it plated like white gold). RB did refund us some money on the ring, but it put a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

Also, consider getting your rings custom made. That's what we did with our wedding bands and they were much cheaper than they would have been elsewhere, and we were able to make them exactly how we wanted! Let me know if you want the info of where we got ours made, they did such an amazing job.

Brandie said...

How fun! I'm so Excited for you! The previous comment had some really good advice about ring shopping. Hey maybe you guys should go to "Jared" to look at rings ;-)

I just want to know, who's going to make you cake? Lol

Cindy Williams said...

So cute. I remember those days. What really got me was when I found out Charlie had actually asked my dad for his permission to ask me to marry him.

Jen said...

Congrats on the ring shopping Shannon! I'm very sure you'll find the perfect ring! I thought that was you when you came into Zales. I was in the middle of an audit and wish i was able to say hi. So sorry you were put off by the consultant. They have to show the celebration diamond to every guest. We don't expect anyone to have to buy it though, it's practically a new car! She should've presented it a bit better and explain why we show it, then introduce you to what you were looking for.
Regardless of where you buy your ring, if you need help or have questions about diamonds, resonable prices, and the overwhelming amount of info you'll get in the process I'm here for you! Congratulations again!

Beth said...

Shannon- I am so happy for you! This is so exciting :)

Christina said...

So exciting! I'm very happy for you two.