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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tyler is ONE!

My littlest nephew, Tyler, turned 1 on April 22nd. I can't believe how quick this past year has gone. It is still pretty easy to remember the day he was born but it feels like yesterday.

He is honestly one of the happiest kids I know, except when he is hungry. He has the most precious little grin that shows off his two bottom teeth.

Tyler is quickly becoming a charmer when it comes to the ladies. Those dimples and big eyes will get you every time. He's walking all over the place but is still finding he gets places faster if he crawls. One of these days he's going to get up and go and there will be no stopping him!

This past weekend we celebrated his first birthday with family and friends. It was a GREAT time!

He was a little unsure about the cake until daddy stuck his hand in it. I thought I was being nice by frosting it with white frosting. I figured it would stain less.

Even Big Sister was willing to help.

He liked it but when he was given a cupcake with blue frosting, he was all about it. What a stinker!

He wasn't so much into opening his mound of presents but all of the other kids were. This kid made out like a bandit. Where they will put all of those new toys is anyone's guess.

I think little man had a great time playing baseball and hanging out with all of his little friends.

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet boy! Auntie loves you so much!

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