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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Celebrating Two Years: Part 2

For dinner Jared decided we would go to Troy's. A Greek restaurant in the Allied Gardens area. We had our favorite appetizer of "Soggy Nachos" (the real name is Saganaki)

Fresh Pita bread and sizzling hot cheese...oh so good

We enjoyed Gyros, Rice Pilaf, Chicken and Beef too. I love that place.

Since Jared and I each planned half the day, he was in charge of planning something after dinner.
Jared hasn't had the greatest track record when it comes to planning stuff. He's not a planner by nature so it really means a lot when he plans something. Unfortunately things just happen when he does. He planned an outing to Balboa Park for Valentine's Day, it rained. He planned a trip to the zoo, he got a flat tire. This time... he planned a bon fire and smore's on the beach after dinner.

He may or may not have forgotten a blanket to sit on and skewers to roast the marshmallows on. Oops. We stopped by the store to get the ingredients for dessert and we were certain we would find a couple beach towel and metal skewers.It is summer after all and those are staples for just about anyone , right? We struck out at Vons but we just knew Rite Aid would have what we needed. We did one lap and found nothing. We split up and searched every aisle. Nothing. We finally settled on wooden skewers and Jared promised to hold mine so I wouldn't catch on fire. There were no beach towels or blankets anywhere in site so we settle on a couple of $10 beach chairs. If I hadn't been wearing a dress, we would've just plopped down on the sand.
45 minutes later we were on our way to the beach. When we got there we found there were no fire pits available. We saw one from a distance so we high tailed it over there only to be beat out by a couple of guys that were about 50 yards ahead of us. Darn it.

Dessert plans set aside, we walked along the boardwalk for a while and stood by the jetty. It was the same place we went after our first dinner date. I was still in the mood for dessert so we walked through Belmont Park and found an ice cream shop. The lady scooping  ice cream was quite generous with the servings. I kid you not, we each got about 4 large scoops. We could have  shared one. regardless, it was delicious.

We couldn't help but laugh about the fact that when Jared plans, something goes wrong.
On Saturday we did a bit of a do-over date at my place. We made dinner, watched a movie and made ghetto smore's.. aka roasting marshmallows over a candle.

They weren't fancy and they weren't on the beach over a bon fire but boy did they taste good! We decided next year we are just going to stay home and chill.
Happy Anniversary Jared. Thank You for everything you have brought to my life. I love you!

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Joshie's Sweetie said...

I think the smores at home was way more romantic:) One time Josh planned a valentines date when we were courting and he forgot utensils for the spaghetti....try eating spaghetti with a tiny plastic coffee spoon, we used our hands and laughed a lot;)