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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Reptile Show

You know you really love someone when you go to a place that hold your worst nightmare withing its four walls. I don't like reptiles. Especially snakes. They scare me and creep me out. Unfortunately I have a boyfriend that really likes reptiles. Joy.

A couple weeks ago the "Reptile Super Show" was in town.. exciting, right?...

I knew Jared would want to go so in an attempt to be a good girlfriend, I told him about it. Surprise of all surprises... he wanted to go.

So, we went.

I did find this ginormous Iguana kind of facinating. Simply because of its size. I couldn't tell it was real at first. Then it moved.

Rest assure I did not get as close as this picture seems. Thank you Lord for zoom.

I stood well back while Jared investigated the many many many MANY (too many!!!) species of snakes they had on hand.

I didn't even bother going down this aisle. Talk about my worst nightmare...
Yeah, those are all snakes. That's not ok.
I didn't want Jared to rush through the show on my account so I hung back near these guys so Jared could take his time looking around.

If you can't tell, that's a tortoise of some kind.

It wasn't all bad. Aside from the hundreds of snakes and huge spiders, There were a few things that were sorts of  cool to see.
Like this:
And these little guys (so cute!)

Jared had a great time to it was well worth the couple hours of torture reptiles. If I had the chance, I would do it all over again simply because I love him.

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