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Friday, July 8, 2011

New Cookie Cutters!

One person probably shouldn't be this excited about something as simple as Cookie Cutters. But.. I am!
I follow the blog of Sweet Sugarbelle. She is so inspiring and has great tutorials.I'm starting to get the hang of "flooding" cookies.It is time consuming so I can't do it as often as I'd like plus it has been so blasted HOT! Even an avid baker like me can't stand turning on the oven for an hour to make cookies.

Last week I was reading another blog I follow and it linked up to a website that sells cookie cutters. I decided to check them out and I fell in love. Big Time.

Depending on where you go, cookie cutters can range from $2-$4 or higher. A couple years ago I got a set of 101 cutters and it has every letter/number possible and a few shapes for each holiday. Sweet baking Supply has a few (ok, a lot) of different ones. And they are cheap!! I made a list of all of the ones I want. I will order some here and there until I have all of the ones I want.

I got the box in the mail yesterday and I was so excited. I opened it and found this:
They were wrapped neatly in tissue paper and sealed with their logo sticker. So cute. It felt like an extra special personal touch. The cutters themselves were tied in a simple bag with red and white stripe string.


I can't wait to start making cookies with them. This round I got a Puzzle Piece, Elephant, Lab Dog, Potted Flower, Cherries, Strawberry, Bee, and Ice Cream Cone. The site also has every color of sprinkle you could ever want so I ordered a bottle just to see how much you actually get. It is a little bigger than the bottle of sprinkles you can purchase in the grocery store but a lot less expensive. I think they were around $1.35- $1.50.

Now, if the weather would only cooperate, I could actually use these things.

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tiggz0r said...

Wow! I just went to their site and holy moses I am in l-o-v-e.. they have such good prices too!!!