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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Are you ready for some FFFFFOOOOOTTTBBAALLL!!??

There it was sitting in my closet.. my pink Chargers jersey. It was hung up at the end of last season and it has been itching to come out again. The days have inched closer and closer and today was the big day. Time to break out the jersey and start the season off.

ITS DRAFT DAY!!! Thats right folks.. Fantasy Football! I have been waiting a whole year for this. The anticipation has been building daily. I could barely contain my excitement when Brian finally created our league. It was time to pick a name. But what name??? It has to be the right one!! I bounced ideas off of my friend Ashley and then it hit me.. The Ghostriders! One of the captains for Ramona Station 82 calls me Ghostrider. PERFECT! We are invisible and invincible! Watch out King Pigskin Teams! Ghostsriders are ready to sweep in at night and take you by surprise!
Here we were at Brian and Katie's place getting ready to pick numbers for drafting order. I pick #1 which can be both a blessing and a curse. I found myself suddenly nervous and somewhat stressed. I think my palms were even a little sweaty. Who do I pick first? Do I go with the obvious pick and choose San Diego's very own LT or do I go with the underdog.. Adrian Peterson? I just don't know!! My heart it pounding and I am feverishly texting Nick with "who do I pick??". In a shocking first round pick.. I choose Adrian Peterson. I am sure Jimmy (#2 in draft order) about did a cartwheel when I didn't choose LT. He snatched him up immediately. We have 11 teams in our league so the draft took a few hours. I feel pretty good about my team. The Ghostriders are ready for action! I am so ready for the real football season to start! i'll keep you posted on our progress.

Its amazing how into sports I am these days. I have loved every second of the 2008 Olympic games! I watched every race w/ Michael Phelps and squealed like a little girl each time he won. What an amzingly talented athlete. Women's Gymnastics have about given me a heart attack each time. I feel the US women's team have been robbed in many of their events. I absolutely love Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson. They are the dynamic duo for sure. I watched the individual balance beam routines today and was elated when Shawn Johnson FINALLY won a gold medal. I found myself in tears when they showed her parents in the audience beaming with pride and crying tears of joy for their little girl. Nastia had an amazing routine as well. She is so beautiful and elegant when she is out doing her thing. I wish they both could have won Gold. They both deserve it. It just doesnt get better than this:

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