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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Did Good!

This morning I woke up refreshed and ready to go walking. I threw on my work out garb and turned on the TV to listen to while I put my shoes/socks on and stretch. I wasn't sure what channel it was on but there was a TV evangelist on. Now, I've never been one to watch those guys on TV. They always seen insincere and somewhat cheesy to me. For whatever reason what this guy said caught my attention.

I am a perfectionist at heart and many days I struggle with not being "good enough". I do things for others or I make things, arrange stuff etc and I always find something wrong with what I have done. Here's what I heard Joel Osteen saying:

"We don't get our value from who we are or what we do. We are valuable because of Who made us. If you keep thinkng 'I'm not good enough, Im got good-looking enough, I did this wrong' etc, That will become who you are and your faith will begine to decrease. We need to focus on what we CAN do.. we are organized, we did something for someone else, we made someone smile, we finished the dishes. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. We can do 100 things right and 1 thing wrong but satan will come in a keep that one wrong thing at the forefront of our mind. When we do something right we need to acknowledge that. You may not be where you want to be in life but at the end of the day you need to tell yourself 'I did good' . We need to get out of the critical mindset. For example, when you make dinner the bread may have been burned but don't dwell on that. You need to say 'The bread may have been burnt but the meatloaf sure turned out good'. "

" It is much easier to compliment everyone else than it is to compliment yourself. You need to treat yourself as you would treat others. We cannot rely on other people to validate us. Be secure in who God made you. Regardless of what happened during the day everyone needs to be able to find something they did right and focus on that."

Whew! talk about cutting right to the heart of things! I think everyone takes the time to put themselves down when we should be taking that time to build ourselves up. I am definitely guilty of that! So my challenge to myself and whoever else is reading: At the end of every day find something you did during the day and tell yourself (and believe it with all your heart) that "I did good".


Jessica Rae said...

That Joel Osteen knows his stuff.

Thanks for sharing, I needed that too. Love you.

Penny said...

I needed it as well...and I too vow to remember at least one good thing I did today, and at the end of the day tell myself, 'I did good!' Thx for the message hon, I think it's one we ALL need to hear.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how God brings something like that to your attention just when you needed to hear it? And now you pass it along and it touches others! :) Thanks for sharing... I also needed to hear that.