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Saturday, August 30, 2008


After yesterdays experience at the cake supply store and using Ashely's Kitchen Aid, I decided I would do something for myself and get one! I have used Jessica LaTours numerous times and I love love love it! The only problem with the Kitchen Aid stand mixer is that they are super expensive. It is totally worth the cost but I just don't know if I can bring myself to fork out $300-400 for a mixer when my little hand mixer gets the job done just fine.

I woke up this morning and started looking at the Kohl's website. The mixers are usually on sale but I wasn't sure if there would be a little extra off because of Labor Day. The smaller 4.5 qt one was on sale for $215.. normally $260. Not too shabby. I would prefer the 5 qt but I can TOTALLY deal with a slightly smaller one. The 5 qt are originally $360 but were on sale for $299. I also had a 15% off coupon that works on all sale items as well.

So I make my way down to Kohl's on Scripps Poway Parkway and I start looking at my dream machine. The I see it.. the "Early Bird" sale sign.. $179.99 for the 5qt Kitchen Aid. WTF?!! REALLY??? NO WAY!! If it wasn't so busy in the store I may have done cartwheels down the aisle. The I read the ticket. It is specifically for the Grey one but the tag was hanging on the Pink one. I need a sales associate FAST! The sale only lasted until 1pm and it was already a few minutes after 12. I finally find someone and he sends another associate over to help me. I explain that the early bird sale price was listed on pink mixer but the details on the tag singled out the Grey one. She makes her way to the back and brings out a Grey mixer. Sweet! Then I look at it and it is the 500 series like the professionals use. Dang, it isn't the same one. I explain that to her and she asked me to show her which one it is.

She looks at them and says "aren't they all the same?". I explain that yes, they are the same mixer but the tag specifically says the Grey one is on sale for the $179.99. She points out the Metalic Chrome one and says "isn't that the one on the tag?". I said " No, this one is Chrome and the tag says Grey. They have different Model Numbers". She is still thinking that it is the same mixer but I keep insisting that it is a different model number. My head is saying " Shannon, shut the hell up! Just take what she is saying". But I can't. I am being honest with her that they aren't the same. She tells me that in her opinion it is the same one and she would walk me up to the register and have them ring it up at $179.99. At this point I just pick up the box and walk quickly with her to the register. She explains it to the cashier and off she went. I thanked her a lot on the walk over. The Cashier rings it up and asks what the problem was so I explain it again. She gives me the $179.99 price then I hand her my 15% off coupon. At first she wasn't sure it would work but she read it and it said " valid on all sale items". Then she talked to the acssociate that helped me and said they need to correct the signs because she just discounted it $120. I paid and practically ran to my car with my incredibly marked down mixer! Original price of Kitchen Aid (pre tax) $359.99. My final total (drum roll please) $148.36! It is Metallic Chrome but honestly.. when you get $210 off of something, who really cares what color it is. Plus, its silver.. not like lime green. I am SO excited.. you don't even know! Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend. Im gonna go bake something!

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Jessica Rae said...

You must be part Jewish to get a deal like that. You make mama proud.

What will you make first in your sparkly new mixer?