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Friday, August 8, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things..

I woke yesterday to clouds and loud claps of thunder. For some reason rainy days make me get all sentimental. I LOVE love love summer thunderstorms! I walked outside and this is what I saw..

I decided to go walking at the high school since it was nice and cool with no rain yet. I got to the high school and did 3 laps. At the start of the 4th lap a big bolt of lightning hit overhead... at that moment I was done walking for the day! I booked it to my car. No need to get electrocuted..
As I was walking I thought of some of my favorite things and that make me happy. .here are a

* Summer Thunderstorms/Rain
* Red Roses
* Hugs from my nieces and nephews
* Peyton's new little teeth
* Coffee with my BFF
* Dinner and Game Night with my family
* Reading while it is pouring down rain outside
* Disneyland
* Friends that call me while they are on road trips
* Rainwater And Mint Candles
* Fall.. pumpkins, leaves etc
* Lunch w/my incredible sister-in-laws

I could go on forever! Sometimes when I feel down i think of these things and they bring a smile to my face. Sometimes it is hard to remember the blessings when you are going through a tough spot. Take a moment some day and remember the "little" things that bring you joy!


Angela said...

I love summer thunderstorms, too!!!! I wish it had gone on all day!!!

Jessica Rae said...

YOU are one of my favorite things!!!

Love you mucho gusto.

Melissa Ansley said...

See my page for thunderstorms as well, haha. Seems to be the topic this week.

Penny said...

Ah yes...after a hot/humid/DRY stretch, there's nothing quite like standing out in a warm summer rain....it feels SOOO good. And I missed it-UGH-I was down the hill! Oh well, the monsoon season isn't over yet. There's still more coming...I hope! I'll catch the next one with you!