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Monday, August 11, 2008

Creative Juices

Someone please smack me in the head!

I just finished the last of the wedding invites for Jimmy and Jessica. I was on a roll so I busted out 30 Bridal Shower invites shortly after. I was an invitation making machine on Saturday night! A warning to all paper punches though... you will not survive my projects. I have broken a total of 3 now. YES! Its amazing the kind of reaction when you hear the " snap, crack... crack.. snap.. clink, clink" of a paper punch breaking. You aren't sure if you are going to scream or cry. To my astonishment I didn't do either! I just moved on.

I have been in contact with my sister in law, katie, my mom and the bride-to-be, jessica's, best friend and my BFF feverishly planning a Bridal Shower for our little bride. I can honestly say I am SOOO excited with how things are turning out. It is so hard to keep my mouth shut around her. I want so badly to share the great ideas with her but I want it all the be a surprise too. The shower is a short 4 weeks away or something like that. The invites have been mailed and most of the details are done.

On Friday I found out my BFF, jessica, is having a Baby Girl! I am beyond excited about this. Her boys are like nephews to me and I love them with all of my heart. The moment I found out it was a girl I started thinking of baby shower ideas. I have the theme and party favors already decided! I am probably a little ahead of myself at this point. OH well! I love it!

There's always something going on. I live for this stuff. I think that's why I love my job so much. I am totally an adrenaline junky. Speaking of work.. I am riding out on one of the engines this coming thursday. I am stoked! I personally feel it is important for the dispatchers to get out, do ride alongs and get to know the people in the field. The crews at the stations love asking questions about dispatch. The Captain I will be with has been asking me for well over a year to ride out on the engine. SO, Ramona E7810.. ready or not, here I come! I know it is going ton be a great time. And seriously.. what single girl wouldnt want to hang around a firehouse full of good-looking, down to earth guys? More to come on how the ride-out goes. Hopefully we get some good calls so I can take picturesl. I am also making them dinner. Homemade Pizza, Salad, Fresh Fruit and Garlic bread. MMMMM Good. More to come later..

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