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Friday, August 22, 2008


Miniature Golf.. a classic game that is often forgotten when options of "things to do" are getting thrown around. A few days ago I suggested to Ashley that her, her new beau and I should go play some mini-golf. Her man couldnt make it but we went anyway! Tonight we were off to Boomers for some good old-fashioned putt putt.

We chose the "Pirates" course and started our journey through the Caribbean.. sort of. The course had treasure maps, water falls, a pirate ship, burned up castle and an anchor. Very aunthenic.. until we heard the "dead men tell no tales" coming from one of the caves. Shortly after we heard some dialog from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disneyland. Lame! They could've change it up a bit. Never the less we had a blast. Personally I thought " sure, this game is tough for a kid but I am an adult now. I'm going to rock this game!". hahaha or not! the slight inclines, bumps, metal bumpers prove to be more of a challenge than I remember. Ashley kicked my butt! As if the details to the course wasn't stressful enough we had a couple behind us that were serious mini-golfers. Equipt with a pencil and scorecard, they were getting their ball in the hole before I could even get my first swing in. Talk about pressure!

I efficiently made a dork out of myself when I tripped on a "plank" in front of the group of people waiting to play our course. I heard a few snickers from the crowd but I held my head high and walked away laughing at myself. On the up side.. I was able to keep my ball from flying into the water. I believe this is a first for me.. ever! UMM it did land in the bushes once..

After our game we made our way into the arcade where Ski-Ball screamed our names! YES! off we ran to the token machine. That familiar clank clank of tokens dropping into the awaiting tray built the anticipation. The balls slid down into position and the games began. 10 points, 20 points, 50 Yes!. Dude.. Why can't I get it into the 100 slot? Is there some invisible barrier around that thing? Oh well, I still got some tickets. After a few games it was on to Air Hockey. I know I can redeem my gaming skills on this game! My brothers and I used to play Air Hockey for hours at the Boys and Girls Club. Game one.. we get the puck going and going. I slammed the puck into my goal one time after another. Ashley's face was priceless. Ending score 7 to 3. I win. Game 2 starts and again, I get the puck going. 1, 2, 3, 4 pucks in no problem. Ashley gets 2 in I think and I finish off my last 3 points. I love that game.

For kicks we played "Spider Stomp" .. an addictive little kid game that my friends and I used to play. Easy way to win tickets. Then a new game caught my attention. "Deal or No Deal". NO WAY! I'm SO in! I throw my 5 tokens in and the game starts. Same music, lights, etc. A few less cases but still a great opportunity to win... you guesses it.. tickets. In the end I won 60 tickets. Ash played a round and won a whopping 2 tickets. Knowing the prizes in the cabinet are nothing to write home about, we put our tickets through the ticket counter, got our paper that announced our winnings then handed them off to the cutest little kid we could find. It is way more fun for them to choose prizes!

What a fantastic night. Not too expensive either. $8 for miniature golf and $5 in tokens. They also have a special going until the end of September. $20 for unlimited attractions. "Attractions" include Go Karts, Minature Golf, Bumper Boats and the Kiddie Karnival. Can't remember if it includes Laser Tag or not. So, the next time you are thinking "what should we do tonight?" don't forget about the oldie but goodie : Minianture Golf!


Jessica Rae said...

And a great place for high school girls to meet stellar guys...

Montebear said...

Is this the one in El Cajon? Remember we use to go to hang out I think the last time we went it was me, you, Shayli, Brielle and Rj. That was fun, then there was a time I dont remember who all went but I remember who all went, but I got into trouble, Oh ah man that was rough :(. I wish there was something that close maybe if my luck turns I would go visit and we could totally do that.