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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Holy Moly

I had 5 days off this week and let me tell you.. it flew by! I am generally in a fog on wednesdays due to the lack of sleep. I really have no idea what I did that day. Thursday i went to Ramona Station 80 to ride out on the fire engine.. This is probably the busiest station in San Diego that Cal Fire dispatches for but apparently this was not the case on Thursday. We went to the grocery store in the morning and just as we got to the engine, we got dispatched to a medical aid... SWEET! It is starting early! We are going to get some good calls today. Nope! We got back to the station and brian's engine was there. They did a little training on ropes then left. It was time for lunch and we still didn't have any calls. After lunch the crew did chainsaw training. Let me just say I am now scared to death to use a chainsaw! Captain McLaughlin was trying to explain to the new fire fighter how important proper use of a chainsaw is. He threw in stories of injuries he had seen. I think I was shaking at this point! I could tell you all the text book stuff about a chainsaw and how to ventilate a roof during a structure fire but please.. for the love of God.. DO NOT hand me one of those things! i would probably pass out! I have a new respect for fire fighters though. It was probably about 1o0 degrees outside and they were in full turnouts ( those yellow clothes you always seen them in on the news) with BA's (breathing apparatus.. or.. oxygen to make it easier for those that dont know the lingo), helmets, gloves etc and they were using the chainsaw. Imagine all that plus a fire raging underneath them.

The highlight of the day was dinner. Yours truly cooked. I pulled out all the stops for them. At the start of the morning I brought in the groceries I bought (OH! Thats what I did on wednesday.. went to the grocery store!). First response was " are you moving in?". So.. i had a lot of stuff.. but they were not complaining at 5:15 when they were shoveling food in their faces. I made everything from scratch. BBQ Chicken Pizza, Chicken Alfredo Pizza and Baked Pasta with Italian Sausage. Don'e get me wrong. I didn't make my own alfredo or BBQ sauce or milk a cow to make my own cheese. Im not that ambitious! I did make pizza dough from scatch. that's right folks.. yeast, flour, water etc. I even make a cheesecake from scratch. Yum-O! Check this baby out:

Today was spent running around working on Bridal Shower stuff. Time is flying by. Don't we have a pause button or something? I generally love Michael's Craft store but today sent me over the edge. I just haven't been able to find what I need there. I found some good bargains @ JoAnns though. Planning is well under way. I think Katie and I are going shopping this week to buy prizes for the fabulous games we have planned. I think it is going to be a wonderful bridal shower.. I hope so anyway :)


Penny said...

And that cheesecake was fantabulous!

Jessica Rae said...

I heart your days off.

Did the ginormous Alaskan mocha keep you up til the wee hours too?

Xtal said...

mmm looks good.

Sandy said...

Shannon, that cheese cake looks mighty tasty. My favorite dessert you know.HINT HINT:)