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Saturday, August 9, 2008


So I took on the task of making Jimmy and Jessica's wedding invitations. At first I was thinking "piece of cake, i can't do them in no time".. hahahahahaa! Joke's on me.. here's the adventure:

I found this beautiful brown/bronze cardstock at Michael's and knew Jess would love it. Then I found this pretty cream colored cardstock w/ words about love that had a shiny tint to it. Perfect! They look amazing together! The only problem was that the one store I went to didn't have enough paper to complete the task. This started my journey to probably a total of 7 or 8 different Michael's stores. I finally got all of the paper I need. Apparently the 2 types of paper I chose just happen to be the ones that are going out of stock. Way to go shannon!

I started the first few invitations and the paper punch I was using broke. It took Jessica and I 2 hrs to make 6 invitations(no bueno). Off I went to Michael's (again) to get a new paper punch... they were out.. checked with other stores.. they were out too. So I grab a different one. I try it on the first invite.. definitely not going to work. I go back to (yet again)before work and I pick up a different punch. Yes!!! It's working. I get about 50 done when Jimmy says " umm the phone number is wrong". Before I acted on the impulse to clobber him, I explain it was no time to joke and he (for once) was being serious. Easy change.. turn a 4 into a 5. no biggie. I enlist my partners at work to help when one comes up to me sheepishly and states she changed the wrong 4. Oops! I just started laughing. It was that or cry.

I headed to Jess LaTour's the other day and she was helping me. I start using the paper punch again and guess what... it breaks.. the handle snapped off! I just sat there in silence. I wasn't sure if I was going to cry, laugh or commit myself to a mental institute because I was pretty sure I had just lost my last marble! Jess calls the Michael's in Poway and they set a new one aside for me. Last night I paper punched until I thought my hands were going to bleed. I tied endless bows and got as much glue on my hands as I did on the paper.. maybe more!

Regardless of all that, the invitations are finished! They actually are very pretty and I am happy with how they turned out. I am thankful and honored that Jimmy and Jessica allowed me to make them and appreciate the work. Experiences like this build memories. I can honestly look back and laugh about the number of Michael's shopping trips I have made in the last couple weeks. Pretty sure it is bad when a couple of the cashiers know you by name...


Jessica Rae said...

You just crack me up, I love them. They turned out beautifully.

Penny said...

You did an awesome job Shann, and I know Jimmy & Jess really appreciate this project that you took on for them. They are beautiful, and even more so because of the time, effort, blood, sweat, tears and LOVE that you put into them.
Kudos my dear...