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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

American Idol & Reality TV

That's right ladies and gents... American Idol(A.I.) season 8 starts tonight! I can't wait to see what the new season holds. I have mixed feelings about a new judge being in the mix but I am confident this season will be just as good as the last 7!

Tonight I start the night off with dinner at Station 81 with my brother and the guys on his shift. They have quickly become a second family to me and I enjoy the talks we all have. Jeff, one of the medics, and I had a little bet last summer where American Idol was concerned. Fortuntately I won the bet but had mercy on them all and made a peach cobbler for them. Tonight, at their request, I will be making peach cobbler. Fitting that this falls on the first night of A.I. It is a total coinsidence and i really just thought about it when i started writing this.

So... Here's to a great season of Reality shows! The Bachelor, Mamma's Boys, American Idol, The City, Jon & Kate Plus 8, Superstars of dance... the list goes on.

P.S. Have you caught the first couple episodes of The Bachelor? wow.. its been good so far! I can't wait to see who he picks. I secretly hope when DeAnna comes back into the picture he chooses her. :)


Jessica Rae said...


I hope he kicks her to the curb. She was a total terd to him.

Abby said...

I agree! She just wanted to be on tv. She was horrible to Jesse too.

Melissa Ansley said...

Every time, I say I'm not going to watch the Bachelor...that they are just acting, or there to make out with a bunch of men or women or whatever...and here I am, hooked on it again. But I can't deny that he is the hottest yet.