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Monday, January 19, 2009

Pay It Forward

Have you ever seen the movie "Pay if Forward"? Great movie. I highly suggest you see it. I watched it years ago and it touched me deeply. If just one person does something for someone else and that person pays if forward to another, imagine what kind of impact we could have on the world.

Years ago when I worked at Union Bank of California I learned how to crochet. My boss, Kelly, brought a crochet project one day and I decided I wanted to learn. So right there on the teller line I started making my very first scarf. Honestly.. it wasn't pretty! Uneven, loose in spots, tight in spots etc. Hardly something I would give to someone as a gift.

I practiced and practiced. She taught me how to make Granny Squares, sew them together and eventually how to make blankets. I started finding patterns and de-coding them. Now I have the ability to make blankets/scarves for people I love. Everyone tells me how special it is to recieve a handmade blanket but no one will ever know just how much it blesses me to see that same blanket wrapped around a little one.

I have since taught 4 or 5 other people how to crochet. A skill, a learned talent has been bestowed upon others because someone took the time to teach me. Thank you kelly for paying it forward to me.

Lucy :


One I finished today for a co worker


Carrie said...

I am SO impressed by your creativity. You must have some patience! I tried to learn crocheting, but I got easily frustrated and confused. Maybe I will try again :)
You have such a giving spirit~ it inspires me to do more :)

Jessica Rae said...

Are you still offering lessons? I'll be a better student this time :-)