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Monday, January 5, 2009

Newest Creations

This past weekend I once again dug deep and found my creative ability in order to make a very special Baby Shower Cake. One of my dearest friends is have twin boys!! I wasn't able to make it to the baby showers for her other kids so it made this one extra special! I had a great time thinking of a design and making the cake.
Here are a few pictures:

I love making cakes. Each time I do one I am told I should do it professionally. Naaahhh. I just have fun doing it. Another reason is the MESS it makes. I don't have the worlds largest kitchen so it gets dirty fast. I throw one layer in the oven then scrub down the dishes in my sink, sweep the floor and sanitize my counters. Its a long process. Not to mention when I start to get tired I start dropping things. Thus leaving my kitchen speckled with colored frosting. I think I will just keep doing it on the side for fun.

I also had the opportunity to make the diaper cake for the shower. I've never done one so I was kind of winging it. I think it turned out ok though. Late friday night I realized I didnt have any rubber bands. I was bummed I had to go out one more time for yet another thing I forgot(this is where making a list at the beginning of the day comes in handy). Of course when I got to the store they didn't have regular rubberbands so I had to settle for small hair rubberbands. Good thing it was a pack of 250! Considering I snapped about 50 of them in the process of making the diaper cake. Just for the record, itty bitty rubberbands hurt just as much as regular sized ones when they snap or break on your fingers!

And last but not least.. the baby blankets I made for the little guys:

I had so much fun doing these things for her! I am thankful for the creative ability TO do these things!


Rachael said...

Shannon you are so talented =) Your going to do my wedding cake someday right? =) Hope you are having a great new you, we have to get together this year okay!

Morgan said...

Shannon, you are sooooo dang creative! Beautiful work!!

Jessica Rae said...

She's got skills.

You know, you really should have your own business or something. ;-)