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Thursday, January 15, 2009


After working 10 nights straight you get a bit of cabin fever. I was itching to get out of the house so I got ahold of Ashley and we headed towards Torrey Pines State Beach.

It was a gorgeous day yesterday! We walked for a while along the shore before finding a set of rocks to sit on and have lunch.

Seagulls are never far away when you are on the beach. Normally I despise these birds. They are just gross birds in my mind. They can dive-bomb a group of people with their poo and hit every single one of them. They are loud and annoying. For whatever reason I found one particular seagull entertaining and somewhat cute yesterday.

He was the only one hanging near where we were sitting. I am a sucker for the droopy "I'm hungry" eyes given by most animals and some children. I tossed the last bit of the rolls to it and it was gone in a flash. He scooted a little closer but I had no bread left. The only other option was... chicken.. Is it just me or is there just something morally or ethically wrong with feeding a seagull chicken? Regardless, those big eyes hit the soft spot in my heart and I tossed a chunk of chicken. Much to my surprise he ate it. I simply told him he could have very well just eaten part of his cousin.

He never left our side. We sat on the rocks for a good two hours and he only left briefly. Each time another bird would come by he would stretch out his wings to make himself look bigger and chase the other birds off. At one point he sat down in the sand about 8 ft in front of us as if he was out very own watch-bird. We were his and no one was allowed to get close.

It reminded me of the seagulls from Finding Nemo.
"Mine, Mine, mine, mine".


Jessica Rae said...

That's rad.

I remember when I was little, I threw a giant chunk of a saltine to a seagull and he choked. I can't remember if he made it or not but he wasn't wanting my help.

Jessica said...

So I totally agree that seagulls ARE gross birds...but that was kind of a cute story...minus him eating part of his cousin! haha