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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blind Date?

While at Jessica's last week, a friend of her mother-in-laws came by. Jess and I were outside watching the boys play and I was happily holding Lucy. The visitor was oooing and ahhing over the sweet little girl in my arms. She quickly complained that her kids were slacking because she only had one grandson. She says a few more things to Jess then turns to me " are you single?". I burst into laughter and said yes. Her face lit up and quickly said I need to meet her son. She turned to Jess and said they need to set us up on a blind date. I was bright red I am sure but told her "why not". She went on to tell me a little about her son and show me a picture. The picture was kind of old though(a graduation of some sort). So we will see what happens with that.

Blind dates are kind of scary because there are so many unknowns. I'm still open to the idea though. Here's a recap of ones I have experienced:

1)While at Vanguard the Resident Assistants did a " get your roommate a date" dinner/date night. My date backed out (a friend of mine that had to go out of town) so one of the RA's set me up with her brother's friend. We had a scavenger hunt to find our dates. Of course the person that made my scavenger hunt made it super hard and I had to go all over campus.. on a scooter... in heals.. that's a recipe for fun right there. I find my date and he hands me this crumpled and dirty plastic florwer. In which he says " sorry, I just found it on the ground". Thinking it was somewhat sweet that he wanted to give me something, I went with it. Until we joined the rest of the group and everyone had pretty fresh flowers from their dates. He had forgotten. Oh well. We leave for dinner (pizza at the park) and while in the car he finds my friends' foaming lotion that is in Marshmallow scent. It actually smelled like burnt marshmallows and he got it everywhere. It smelled sooo gross in the car. Once we got to the park, he bounded out of the car towards the tables that were decorated. Then he says " oh a water fountain"...he then makes his way to the water fountain and promptly sticks his head in the water to "wash his hair". Ok....

At dinner he gets restless and starts playing with the candles on the table. Lighting napkins, name plates, plates and anything else he could find on the table. He then proceeds to light the contents of a trash can on fire. I was in awe the entire time. I didn't realize I was going on a date with a 12yr old! When it was time to head back to the school, he jumped in a different car and I never saw him again.

2)My roommate(at the time) and good friend, Desiree had gone to a couple swing dancing classes at a local church while we lived in Costa Mesa. She had talked to a guy that she said was "perfect" for me. She wanted us to meet so I went with her the next time. She introduced us and we chatted a few minutes before the class started. We had quite a few things in common and I was stoked. Towards the end I was wondering if I should ask for his number or if he would be asking for mine. I walked up to him and a couple people he was talking to just in time to hear him ask another girl for Her number and if she wanted to go out sometime. Not loosing hope, I waited until he was done talking and mentioned that my roommates and I were heading to dinner at Red Robin if him and his friends wanted to join us. He said "sure" so we all got in our cars. I then informed my roommates of what I had done and that we now had plans to go to dinner at Red Robin. We got a table for 7 and waited.... and waited. They never showed up.

3) Tony.. met him online while I lived in Pomona. We met at a starbucks halfway between our homes. A nice, safe and public place for a first meeting. We got our coffee and had a seat. We chit-chat for a few then he goes into a deep explanation of why he really shouldn't be having coffee because of his stomach problems. He's not allergic to it or anything but the milk in it upsets his stomach and he will probably have to run to the bathroom soon. Ummm TMI?

4) In 2008 I decided to try online dating again. After 100 matches w/ no one contacting me, I got very discouraged and decided to give up. Finally one guy contacted me. We emailed and talked on the phone for a couple weeks. He wanted to meet so I said ok. We were going to meet at a McDonalds and then he had something planned. I got to the said McDonalds (so I thought) and waited.. and waited. Finally he called with "where are you". I told him I was in the parking lot and he said he was too. We finally realized we were at 2 different places. He came to me and we were on our way. He took me to the Point Loma Lighthouse. When we pulled up to the gate, the guard said it was $6 for parking. Josh sheepishly said he had no cash on him and asked if I did. Unfortuantely I did not. And they didn't take ATM or credit Cards. I had my checkbook and was able to write a check for parking. No biggie. We get out and he tells me he has a bike and skateboard in the back of his truck and which one do I want.. ummmm huh? I havent been on a bike in YEARS. The last thing I wanted to do was fall on my tush in front of this guy on a first date. So we just walked around, looked at stuff and chatted. It was awkward at best but I guess that is to be expected for a first date. We hung out a couple more times but the sparks just weren't there. Happy to say we are still friends. He actually just got married in December. Im very happy for him.

With each new experience comes new stories and new adventures. I'm sure if this blind date happens I will have more stories to share. I'm just waiting it out to see what happens. I don't have his contact info and he doesn't have mine so who knows how it will all play out. More to come I'm sure!


Jessica Rae said...

Those are priceless!

Melissa said...

OH...MY...GOODNESS!!! I want to know who that VU guy was! TOO MUCH! You could publish a book!