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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Year Ago..

One Year ago (tomorrow) one of the most precious little girls was born. Peyton Marie King was born January 8, 2008. I can't even tell you how fun it has been to watch her grow over the past year. She's sweet, funny, entertaining and such a good baby!
I remember how the day started last year.. I got off work knowing Katie was going to be induced. The induction had been postponed a couple hours so I came home from work and set about making cookies. I was ready for the long haul.. I had my lap top, ipod, magazines, books, snacks, water etc ready to go in my car. A good friend of mine was working a medic shift in deer springs so I cruised to north county to see him for a bit. We laughed about the rumors going around about us (for whatever reason people thought we were dating.. we werent) and he was asking about the pending birth of my niece. My mom kept in contact with me through the morning. She called me when Katie was at 4cm. I told my friend I should probably head to the hospital. We continued to chat for probably another hour before I left.
Happily cruising down Pomerado Rd my mom calls me:
Mom: (very calmly)Where are you?
Me: ON Pomerado Rd, why?
Mom: umm well Katie is at 9 and will start pushing soon
Me: Nooo I can't miss it! I will be there as fast as I can

Road rage set in and I was yelling at all the retirees slowly driving down Pomerado Rd. I quickly parked my car, grabbed my purse, camera and "its a girl" chocolate cigars and RAN across the parking lot. All the while calling my paramedic friend and screaming into the phone that I was going to miss the birth. He just laughed. I ran through the doors, jumped around as i waited for the elevator, pushed the 4th floor button about 25 times in hopes it would go faster, exited the elevator. My dad was standing there and told me what room. I ran down the hall, pass the nurses station and into Katie's room. Everyone got a good chuckle. I said my hellos then went to the waiting room. Eventually the teary- eyed grandmas came down the hall to tell us Peyton was here. ahhh what a moment!
A couple days ago I visited Brian and Katie. They asked me if I wanted to rock her to sleep in her room. What a precious moment for this Auntie! As she layed against my chest, all snuggled tight.. I couldnt help but tear up and Thank God for this amazing little girl. I love rocking babies and holding them when they are sleeping. There's nothing like it in the world!


Penny said...

She IS this amazing little person, isn't she? Geez I can't believe she's a year old already, but what an absolute JOY she's been....

Jessica Rae said...

Such a little darling!

It can't already be one year, wow. ♥