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Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Love to sweat!

On a normal day, the above statement couldn't be farther from the truth. However, when I am working out.. I love to sweat. It feels so good to work up a sweat and get your body rid of all those toxins. If I'm not sweating I feel like I'm not working out hard enough.

Going to the gym is a funny thing. I could absolutely care less what I look like. I crawl out of bed, throw my hair up, brush my teeth, change clothes and I am out the door.

I read an article today on MSN about changing your life in 31 days. It wasn't talking about huge life changes.. just small things. Working out 1 minute a day, using real plates, talking to random people, wearing something like red lipstick that will give you confidence. All things that are completely achievable. So for the next 31 days I commit to doing 20 crunches a day. I actualy did 40 today and it took all but 1-2 minutes. How easy!! I have a countdown on my bathroom mirror reminding me to do it. If I cannot do something this simple each day then I have serious discipline issues :)

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