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Sunday, January 18, 2009

To Charge or Not to Charge..

I've been doing cakes for a number of years now and people constantly tell me I should start charging for them. I toy with the idea but I have never done it. I am on the fence about what is a fair price and if my quality of cakes will stand up to the picky public. Family and close friends can look beyond the flaws.. maybe because they didn't have to make it and that is a load off so they will take whatever is given to them. I'm not sure. I know they turn out cute but they are far from perfect.

Over the last few weeks people from outside of my close circle of friends and family have asked me to do cakes. (ok only 2 people so far). I have agreed to them both and they fit with my work schedule so why not? And yes, I am going to charge them. I feel a little bit of pressure with these but I am sure they will be ok.

So I guess if anyone needs a cake of some sort.. let me know!??!


Penny said...

Yep, you should definitely charge. We had this discussion. If you want to do cakes as gifts, that's all well and good, but otherwise there's no reason you shouldn't charge for them. You do an awesome job, and it does save the person having to make a cake themselves. It's your time and effort, and talent, and not always an easy task, and you should be compensated for that.
But then again, I'm Mom. I'm biased...LOL

Morgan said...

Be careful!!! Word of mouth, girl and you'll see your hobby grow into a business!!! That's what happened with my catering. : )

Montebear said...

This is what I do for my photography is I talk with the person if it is someone I dont know i am bargain a price with them if I know them I normally just give it to them unless they want to pay and I leave it up to them. Normally it enough to cover the price of product which is fine with me cause I know God will bless them with what I can do and he will always bless and provide the things I need. But remember its all great practice. So have you mastered the back and make cake to send to me on my bday? I see all these wonderful pictures. J/K I will let you know when I go to Ramona and you can bake me a cupcake if you want. Well may God bless your day!!!

Jessica Rae said...

My favorite, by far, is your chocolate cakes with the mousse middle. Awe-some!