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Friday, August 14, 2009

Good Days

I love how this vacation has not flown by. I've had days where I literally sat on the couch and did nothing but read. That's a very rare thing for me!! It was much needed.

Last thursday I met Jared's Dad and Step Mom. I was scared to death nervous about the meeting. Everything turned out great though. They welcomed me into their home and we had a fantastic dinner. Have I mentioned Jared can cook? And I mean jaw dropping, mouth watering, probably some of the best food you've ever tasted kind of cooking! Shocking as it may be, I didn't make fool out of myself during dinner. Nothing got dropped down the from of me, I didn't trip on any stairs or fall into the pond... Thank the heavens!

Ashley and I went to see Wicked on Sunday at the San Diego Civic. The Civic isn't the type of place where you have to dress up but we did. Why? Because we can.

The show was amazing. During the final number of Act One, I realized I had stopped breathing. I was so caught up in the scene. The ladies playing the witches were incredible! Glinda (the good witch) was soooooo funny! She played up the roll as a ditsy blonde and it left the audience in stitches. The dry humor of Elphaba (The wicked witch of the west) kept us rolling as well. I highly recommend this show to anyone! Especially those of you that love The Wizard of Oz.
Only one near miss when the heel of my shoe got stuck on the cement stairs and I nearly did a face plant. I caught myself before falling though and somehoe managed to avoid flashing the people behind us.

Monday I did a ride along with Medic 7793 in Valley Center. A good friend of mine is one of the paramedics in that area so I hopped on board with Joe and his partner Shawn. These guys are clowns! It was non-stop antics with the whole day. We had a total of 3 calls. One being what we in the fire service call a "cutter". AKA a vehicle accident where the people have to be cut out. I stood by the vehicle and talked to the 14 yr old boy as they cut him out. I was also in charge of holding up his IV so the fluid continually flowed into his body. It was a small glimpse at what my firefighter friends go through on a daily basis.

I spent last night with Brian, Katie, Peyton and our friends Jason, Mindi, Jacob and Evan. Jacob (8) was my little shadow. He sat by me at every show. While walking he asked if he could hold my hand. Of course I said yes (and yes.. Jared knows). Another time he came running up behind me and hit my back (not hard).

Me: OH! My Kidneys!
Jacob: Oh sorry, I didn't know you had kidneys
Me: We all have kidneys
Jacob: we do?
Me: yes, they are internal organs
Jacob: huh?
Me: You know, like we all have a heart and stuff. kidneys are in your back kind of.
Jacob: ohhhhh
Still not sure if he really knew what I was talking about :)

I've also had some quality time with my best friend and her kids, my family, and Jared. Vacation has been good. I feel ready to go back to work and face fire season head on! But not before I end this time off with one of the most exciting things ever! My very first LIVE Charger game at Qualcomm! I can't wait!

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