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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Last night I went to my very first LIVE Chargers Game. I was beyond excited! The tickets were compliments of Jared's mom, a season ticket holder. Our seats were Field Level, about 10-11 rows back from the field. Basically amazing!
We got there while the teams were warming up. I tried to behave and act like a normal person and not at all star struck by the famous athletes running around on the field. I think I sat in my seat for a whole 3 minutes before I high tailed it walked calmly to the railing to take pictures.
I did everything I could to NOT scream out their names, wave and jump around like a 12 yr old school girl at a boy band concert. Seeing Merriman was definitely a highlight. Tomlinson wouldn't stay still long enough. Sproles was too tiny and too fast to get anything but a blurry picture. Rivers was a good model and so was Gates.
I didn't mind looking at all the eye candy around me.. No worries.. I know Jared had a good time checking out the Charger Girls. (stupid ra ra's).
It was also Military Tribute Night. They had men and women from the armed forced carry out a large flag that covered the entire field. FA-18 fighter jets(i think that's that they are called) did a fly over. They took time between halves to honor those injured in the line of duty,followed by a slide show to the song "Amercan Soldier". It was enough to give you chills and bring tears to your eyes! I think I hid my tears from the boy !?!

Spending the night with my favorite football team and my favorite guy was a perfect way to end my vacation. And I am definitely going to another game sometime!!
Another highlight of the night.. not tripping down or up any stairs. A miracle in my book!




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