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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Night I Almost Got Shot..

Ok well, not really. But it got your attention didn't it?
Jared and I went on a double date with his best friend, Zach, and his Fiance' , Missy. He suggested Jamaican food and mini golf. Jamaican food? I know.. sounds a little scary yet intriguing at the same time.
We pulled up outside of our eatery and I was instantly scared. Bright orange building, bright green trim. Probably the size of my apartment (or smaller). Set back a little ways from the road in an area that isn't quite ummm Luxurious? Safe? Clean? Desireable! Plus it was next to a bridge with an equally questionable area below it. We decided this could go one of two ways: It would be a great mom & pop shop with great food or we would all get serious food poisoning.
Across the street was a bright purple house that I would expect to see in an Edward Scissorhands neighborhood. Well, except this house had bars on the windows...
A couple tricked out Escalades drove by and I thought for sure Jared and I would be the two drive-by victims for the evening. "Young white couple victims of drive-by shooting in ghetto-ville san diego".
Zach and Missy arrived so we made our way to our inside. Missy looked just as scared as I was. We made Jared walk in first since he chose the place. Again, it was small. Only a few tables. Maybe the kind you would get at say, Ikea... Kinda cute but a little rickety. We walked in and the four of us kinda just stood there silent. Probably had the "deer in headlights" look on our faces. The woman at the counter was very nice and asked if we needed menus. She pointed them out and we took our seats. Clearly we didn't need to wait for someone to seat us. The place screamed "seat yourself".
The first thing I noticed on the menu was Oxtail. Yes folks OXTAIL! The tail of an Ox. The rear end blocker on an Ox. That long, thin thing that swats flies by the butt of an Ox. Oh.Dear.God!
Goat Curry..Thanks, but I will pass. Cod..ummmm no. Curry Chicken or Jerk Chicken? That sounds normal (I use that word lightly). We all ordered the Jerk Chicken. The verdict? Surprisingly really good. I would actually eat there again.. well, maybe just take out..
Here's a little picture of our newest eating adventure.. But the picture is googled. Doesn't quite do it the justice it deserves. Picture a cloudy friday evening surrounding the bright orange Island Spice Restaurant, not a happy sunny day shining down on the ghetto.

Mini golf was a blast. We played teams. Zach & Missy vs. Jared & Shannon. Poor Jared. He had the weakest link on his team. More times than not I was the last one trying to get the ball in the hole. Not to mention the pressure of having the super minigolfers on the course right behind us. We would barely start our hole and they were done with the previous hole. Zach and Missy won. Missy launched her ball into a garden of cactus one time. My ball liked to circle the rim of the hole and bounce out. I think we all agree that the best shot of the evening was this:

Way to go Jared! Just a bit outside..

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