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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Attention Management

I've lived in my little apartment for something like 3 years. Maybe a little longer. I haven't minded it so much. It is my domain, my space, my home. I haven't thought much about buying a house because well, let's face it, the money isn't there. I'm mostly ok with that until I get notices on my door from management saying they will be entering my home on such and such day at this particular time. Sorry people, I don't have your typical 9-5, Monday thru Friday job. I work nights. While you are sleeping, I am working. I don't work 8 hours, I work 12. I don't have weekends off.

I got a notice on my door @4pm today saying they will be entering my partment on Tuesday to spray for cockroaches. She put a note on the bottom saying she knows my apartment doesn't have them but one of the surrounding ones does. I appreciate the preventitive measure for sure. But really? It's Saturday afternoon on Labor Day weekend for crying out loud. Exactly when am I supposed to find the time to clean out every cupboard I have and put everything out on my tiny kitchen table when I work for the next 4 nights???

Not to mention finding a temporary home for my cats because we have to stay out for 2-4 hours. Then I get to come home, open everything up and use fans to clear the haze. Then my favorite part.. wiping everything down and washing it all! I'm really looking forward to washing every towel, every sheet, vacuuming (again) and scrubbing counters, sinks and bathtubs for the second time this week.

I guess the positive side is that because I don't own the place, I don't have to pay for the bug people to come out. I also get to do the spring cleaning I have been sorta wanting to do. Its just not the same when it is forced upon you. I wonder if it would bother them if I handed them a bill for the cost of laundry, cleaning supplies and labor..

I'm sure all you moms out there are laughing at me. This is probably your life every week. Minus the toxic bug spray.

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Jessica said...

What a hassle!!! Let me know if I can help with anything.