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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Real Reunion

As much as I enjoyed my High School Reunion, there was another reunion planned that I was even more excited about....

The "BARF" Girls. (Boys Are Retarded Freaks). Sure, it is a silly name but it was who we were. If I remember correctly we weren't boy bitter (more like boy oblivious!). We came up with the name to make fun of another girl group in choir that were somewhat umm obnoxious..

We spent every.single.day together in high school. As we have gotten older, we've spent less and less time together but we are still very much a part of eachother's lives. We get caught up when we can.

Monday was full of good food, laughs, an old homemade video, a little bit of gossip and lots of memories. Only one nearly disasterous moment when I spilled my margarita allllll over the counter. It headed straight for Summer's blackberry and Sarah's answering machine. From my experience electronics and liquids don't mix well. I calmly turned to Jessica and asked her to take Lucy from me so I could clean up my mess. I'm thankful that I didn't have the outward panicky reaction that I was having on the inside. Lucy may have taken her first (and hopefully only) flight across the room, the stool I was sitting on wouldv'e gone straight through the sliding glass door and I'm pretty sure someone wouldv'e ended up with a black eye.

It was a great afternoon and I hope we can turn it into an annual event. They are a great group of women and I am blessed beyond measure.
Not Picture/unable to attend: Vanessa, Janelle, Stephanie

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Both reunions involved sweating profusely. I think we need to get together in the fall again ;-)