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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I enjoyed an afternoon with Jared's family on Sunday. Good Company, good food, good times. When I got to work I was super hungry so Jared's Mom, Lynn, and Stepdad, David, offered to bring the ECC "Ladies of the Night" some leftovers from the shindig. Now, if you know anything about dispatchers, you know we like to eat. So really, how could I refuse such a generous and tasty offer? I couldn't.

We chatted for a while..about work, life and of course.. Jared. :) David decided to tell Ali and Staci about the day the ECC staff called to grill ask him questions about this guy I had just started dating....

David: So Chief white called me up and I was thinking "what next"? Then he starts asking me 20 questions about Jared. (reciting the phone conversation):
Chief White: How Old is He?
David: 26
Chief White: Does he go to church?
David: yes
Chief White: Does he smoke?
David: No
Chief White: Does he have any tattoos?
David: No

Me:(interupting the story) Yes he does.
David/Lynn: He DOES?!?
(cue cricket sound)
Ali: (practically rolling on the ground laughing)
Staci: (laughing) way to throw him under a crew bus
Me: Guess I will be single tomorrow..
David/Lynn/Ali/Staci: (Still laughing hysterically)
Ali: (gaining some composure) you threw him under the bus big time!
Me:... oops

Why am I always the last one to get these memos? I do a great job putting my foot in my mouth on a regular basis without someone helping me along!
**Side note: I did tell Jared the story and he didn't break up with me (whew!). He simply laughed**

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Jessica said...

Oh my. That's just too funny!