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Friday, September 18, 2009

Wilderness Tales

Last week I thought it would be fun if Jared and I went to Mt. Laguna for a picnic. A friend of mine told me about Graffiti Rock. It sounds snazzy but really it is just a large turn out with one random picnic table. The view, however, is supposed to be breathtaking. It over looks Pine Valley.

We made the trek up the mountain only to find someone already occupying our spot. Ok fine, it isn't technically our spot but come on! I planned this date and I was excited about it. I wanted to kick them out of the area and tell them I thought of it first. We went with Plan B since it might have been slightly awkward to join the people already using the picnic table.

We continued up Sunrise Hwy to Desert View. It is a picnic area that over looks, you guessed it.. the desert. On the drive we joked about the number of trees and that maybe, just maybe, Sasquatch, a Yeti or some other terrifying creature lived among the foliage.

We found our destination without getting lost (a mirale in itself since I was driving), unpacked and settled into the quiet of our surroundings. The sunset was behind us so we didn't really get to see that. The desert was in front of us but trees were sorta blocking the view. The stars slowly appearing above us were really pretty though.

Jared pointed out the bats flying overhead and was fascinated by how small some of them were. Babies maybe? I secretly worried that one of them would decide to take up residency in my hair. The dusk slowly turned to night and visibility decreased. There was no moon that night. The darker it got, the creepier it got. Thoughts about our Sasquatch and Yeti conversation came screaming back to my mind. As did every.single.horror movie I've ever seen. People in ski masks, all black, freaky striped shirts... I wondered if anyone would hear our screams if something happened (Morbid, I know).Then is occured to me that we had food. Bears like food. Bears follow the scent of the food. I tried to just relax and enjoy the quiet.

Then we heard a noise. A screech, howl..s0mething ..
Jared: Did you hear that?
Me: Yes. Maybe a coyote?
Jared: Kinda sounded like an owl

We continued with our conversation then heard something else.
Jared: Did you hear that too?
Me: yeah
Jared: That kinda sounded like a screen door slamming shut
Me: We're outta here!

I've never packed up a picnic so fast! My nerves couldn't take it. I was sure some serial killer was on their way to claim one or both of us as their next prize. We got in my car and I hauled tail back down the mountain. Back to the city where there is civilization, lights, no bears, no mountain lions and no coyotes. We found refuge at the movie theater.

Regardless it was a great date night but I am thinking a trip to the Zoo or a County Park is about all the wilderness this girl can take.

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