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Friday, April 15, 2011

Bigger Winner-Final

Well my results were less than stellar. I am disappointed, to say the least. During the 6 week competition I only lost a grand total of  4.4lbs. Hardly anything to write home about. I did, however, lose 2 inches on my hips and about 4-5 inches on my waist.

When it comes down to it, weight is just a number. An evil, green eyed monster that pesters you day in and day out. A number that changes daily and varies depending on what scale you are on. It is frustrating and aggravating.

I guess in the long run what we all really strive for is losing inches, fat and getting healthier. I know for sure I gained muscle during this last 6 weeks and I absolutely lost some inches. As disappointed as I am about the lack of LBS I lost, I know I worked hard during the whole 6 weeks. I met my 2400 calorie burn almost daily. That's something to be proud of.

So, as much as I wanted to cry at 5am this morning when I stepped on that blasted scale, I didn't. I refuse to get down about this. I know I worked hard, I know it is making a difference and I know if I keep going, it will continue to make a difference.

I think my body got complacent after the first few weeks. I started doing the same exercises weekly. Occasionally I did something different and pushed a little harder but overall I stayed about the same. I thought I was good to go because I was burning calories and meeting my calorie burn goal. By the end I was basically just maintaining my weight.

Now I have my game face on, a new plan that includes intervals and more strength training. I can do this. I will do this.

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