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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 84 Thru Day 90

Day 84:
Katie, the kids, and Jessica came over one morning for coffee. Tyler decided his toy of choice would be these plastic breast cancer walk bracelets. Silly boy.

Day 85:
Over the weekend we celebrated the birthdays of Jimmy and Alissa. I made special cupcakes for both of them. Cupcakes for Jimmy:
Day 86: Cupcakes for Alissa. She was pretty specific with what she wanted for the flavor. Chocolate with chocolate chips in it. So I made them with her favorite color, purple, and put a chocolate cookie music note on the top.

Day 87:
Jared never ceases to amaze me. He came over to my place for a typical evening of dinner and TV but when I opened the door he had these in his hand. He got them "just because". 100 % sweet, 100% a surprise 100% Jared. I don't think I will ever get sick of fresh flowers.

Day 88:
One of my cats decided they liked the flowers too, as a snack...

They only got 2 of the 12 though ;)

Day 89:
I love that she always looks like she is smiling.
Day 90:
I went shopping for a baby shower gift on April Fools day. Jokes on me. I spent almost double what I had budgeted. When shopping for a new baby girl and being faced with hundreds of choices at Babies R Us, how can you possibly say "no" to something this cute?

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