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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 77 Thru Day 83

OK time to start getting caught up on my photo a day. heaven's to Betsy, how did I get so far behind? Oh that's right.. life. Well, Here goes:

Day 77:
I've been trying to eat really healthy but I was hurtin for some pizza. So I made my own healthy version at home with Flat bread, chicken, spinach, onion, feta and tomato sauce. It was delicious.
Day 78:
One of my computer montitors at work died. So, in professional fashion, my Captain put a note on it saying it was no longer working...
Day 79:

*sigh* I hate when that happens

Day 80:
Heaven in a bowl:

Day 81:
This is what the PB cups were for. I will share the recipe later.

Day 82:
 Today my oldest brother turned older  36. Wow. When did we grow up? I am so thankful for Jimmy. He's the oldest and the protector of Brian and I. He's quirky and a dork. Annoying and loving. Fun and goofy. he's my Big Brother and I love him.
Day 83:

This is Jared's perfect cupcake. He's counting the days until I make this recipe.