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Monday, April 25, 2011


Jared has wanted a cross tattoo for as long as I have known him. Longer really. So, when I found out a Cal Fire employee used to be a tattoo artist, I contacted him and asked what we would charge etc.

I really wanted to gift this to Jared for our 2 year anniversary in July but if you know me at all, I have the hardest time keeping secrets about surprises and things I am excited about. I held it in for maybe 24 hours, at most. He was so excited when I told him about it. We called Ben that night and made the appointment for the next day.

We got to Ben's house and they got to work right away.

I decided to watch the process and I have decided it is pretty cool. Ben made it looks so easy. At times it seemed like he was just coloring with a colored pencil.
I was afraid there would be a lot of blood or some gigantic needle that would put others to shame. Wrong. You couldn't tell if there was blood and the needle was unseen. Jared was a trooper. If it hurt, he didn't show it. He sat there and watched Ben but not once did he flinch. An hour and a half later, Ben was finished with the master piece

I know tattoos are a bit of a sensitive subject. Some people like them, others completely dislike them. Some people don't see the point. Regardless of how everyone else feels, Jared really likes it and I think it looks great. Maybe this will open the door for Jared to talk to his co-workers about God. Who knows.

Ben did a great job. It turned out better than we had both hoped.

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