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Saturday, June 11, 2011

I've Been "Biebered"

OK don't hate me for selling out to this "teen sensation". Not all of his music is annoying. In fact, he really does have a great voice and is quite talented. I can't bash the 12 year old girls that burst into tears at the sound of him clearing his throat. Fact is, in High School my friends and I were obsessed enjoyed some boy band music. We may or may not have spent countless hours making signs for the concert or driving around San Diego like lunatics trying to win the Channel 93.3 scavenger hunt. There were front row tickets and back stage passes at stake, after all. We may or may not have shed a tear (or two) during "God Must Have Spent".

So when I heard this Justin Bieber song and watch the video, I sort of found a small place in my heart for the kid. It is a beautiful song and, in my opinion, a thought provoking video. It shows things we don't want to think about. We know they exist but as long as we don't see them, all is good.

Take a few minutes and watch.

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