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Friday, June 24, 2011

New! Summer Smoothie Series

It's hot. Not just warm. Hot. Like step out of the shower and instantly start sweating hot. I'm not a fan.
With the heat climbing every so far, it has given me even less motivation to work out or cook or do... well, anything.

I have been trying to think of meals/snacks that are quick, easy,cool and budget friendly. What is more refreshing that a nice cold smoothie? So this summer I will be posting a new smoothie recipe every Sunday.  They will be healthy smoothies, not full of ice cream or frozen yogurt and added sugars.

I took some time at the grocery store to compare fresh vs. frozen fruits. Of course, you want to buy fresh when you can but I think we all want to find the balance so you don't break the bank. At my local grocery store I compared the following prices:
Blueberries: 6oz fresh- $2.99, 16oz Frozen- $3.99
Raspberries: 6oz Fresh- $3.99, 12oz Frosen- $2.99
Blackberries: 12oz Freh- $5, 16oz Frozen- $2.99
Strawberries: 4lbs Fresh- $5, $16oz Frozen- $3.99
Mango: 1 Piece fruit-  $1, 12oz Frozen- $2.99
Peaches: 8oz Can -$1.99, 16oz Frozen- $2.99
Pineapple: 8oz Can- $1.49, 12 oz Frozen-$2.99

One of these days I want to get out to our local Farmer's Market. Maybe I can find even better deals there. There are a lot of items I didn't list like apples, orange juice, vanilla protein powder, carrots etc because I already have those on hand.

Smoothies are great for the kiddles too! They are fruity, filling and cold. It also gets them those added servings of fruits and vegetables that can be a struggle for some parents. What kid wouldn't want a milkshake looking drink with a bendy straw when it is 100+ degrees outside? Plus, the combinations are virtually endless and each recipe usually makes a decent quantity. I am hoping to experiment a little by adding some vegetables, cooked oatmeal, protein powder and flaxseed meal etc to some of the smoothies for added nutrients. I am pretty stoked about this series. I hope you are too!!

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