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Monday, June 6, 2011

A Tasty Giveaway: The Winner!

It is that time! Time to annouce the winner of 2 dozen personalized cookies and 2 additional dozen cookies for a friend of choice. Drum roll please............................:

And the winner is:
Entry #1* CRYSTAL!!!

She wrote:
" Yay! I love this idea! My good deed for the day was: bandaging up a stranger's child at the Wild Animal Park today. I always carry my lil first aid kit and the little girl fell HARD, so we stopped and took some time to clean her up and put a (transformers) band-aid on her. :) "

What a wonderful and sweet thing she did for that little girl. I am sure her and her mama really appreciated it.

I loved hearing about your random acts of kindness. I will definitely be doing this again so don't get too bummed if you didn't win this time around. Keep your eyes peeled for more giveaways!

* I used random.org to generate a random number between the numbers of 1 and 6*

Congratulations Crystal!

1 comment:

tiggz0r said...

Woot, woot! Heck yah!!