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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A case of insanity? nah..

Some people call it insanity.. I call it dedication! I voted my heart out last night for David Cook! I sent somewhere around 150-175 text votes. He better win! I think Simon was on drugs last night when he wasn't loving DC's songs! He did an incredible job. David A. was good though. The originality was lacking from David Archuleta. I just think David Cook has such an original sound. And let's be honest... that raspy voice is super hot!!!

As the hour of 8pm approached I was getting pounded with 911 calls. I was just praying everything would settle down by show time. Things finally slowed down around 830 or so. Didn't miss too much. I was trash talking to Station 81. One of the medics said from day 1 that David A. was going to win. I did create a little jealousy with the wonderful american idol star cookies. I told my brother,Brian, I would make " David Cook Rocks" cookies WHEN he wins and deliver them to our medic friend at the station on thursday. If David A. wins however, I may have to make humble pie or maybe some crow.

On the crocheting front I made some good progress. I can't lose momentum now. I have 17 days to finish. That should be plenty of time. I must commit to doing atleast 2 sections a day and I am good to go.

This was my first shift back to work after 3 weeks out of the office. Most nights I am consistently busy through out the night and there is little time for TV. Last night was fairly slow. My newest late night discovery is the food network. I know it has always been there and I have been know to watch "Ace of Cakes" but there are SO many more good shows to watch. "Drive Ins, Diners and Dives" for example. The food at the places the host went looked amazing. It made me want to hop in my car and try some of it. You better believe my DVR will now have scheduled recordings from the food network.


Jessica Rae said...

You are insane...

And I absolutely love it.

Anonymous said...

Shannon... I join you in your insanity! Go David Cook!