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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Sweet Taste of Victory

Yesterday was a full day of anticipation. What would happen on American Idol? I joined the LaTour's and Kristina for dinner and dessert. Jess made the yummiest Enchiladas! I savored each and every bite. She had me pick up some Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream. I wont lie, it was to die for. I still have about half the carton sitting in my freezer for a little treat tonight.

Being the smart one that she is, Jessica, had saved the audition episodes. While we were waiting for the show to start we walked down memory lane and watched the auditions. We laughed at those that thought they were something but honestly..my cat could sing better. Then the the others that were actually pretty good, made it to hollywood and then mysteriously got beat out by the not very talented Kristy Lee Cook. I honestly was not looking forward to the long 2 hour Finale show. I just wanted the results. I have been waiting all season for this moment. Speed it along people! However impatient I may have been, I did enjoy the show. I really loved both Davids. Their version of "hero" was awesome. It gave me chills and it was so fun seeing the top 12 again.

Of course there was plenty of trash talking going on from my paramedic friend. The ever sweet victory came at around 9:57pm when Ryan Seacrest said the most wonderful words I have heard all year " The 2008 American Idol is.. (dramatic pause) David (another pause) Cook". In a matter of 1 second I went from 27 yr old woman to 15 yr old high school girl. I leaped off the couch screaming and jumping around. I looked over and jess was jumping up and down on the couch screaming. I had a short flash back to the days me, jessica and our other high school friends had a "small" obsession with NSYNC. Then the text messages started to come in from brian.. "Jeff is sheepishly awaiting your text..." I relished the feeling of victory. Heck, i am STILL relishing the feeling of victory. You would think I won american idol. I know my 150-160 votes made a very very small dent in the 97 1/2 million votes that were cast tuesday night. Being the nice person I am, I told Jeff I would still make him his peach pie. His response: "You're the greatest. And I will be eating the humble pie in your greatness". Let's just hope he remembers that when I wake them up in the middle of the night for calls.
On the pie front... we will see how they taste. Out of all the goodies I have made, I have never made a pie from scratch. I bought the crust but everything else was fresh. Did you know it is a little difficult to peel a peach? I mean really, they are juicy, squishy, slippery and those little peels just want to hang on for dear life. I also made a caramel apple pie. I think that one turned out a little better. What a great day to make pies! It is a little cold and raining like crazy. The smell of cinnamon, brown sugar and warm desserts is filling my little apartment. Pictures: Peach Pie on the left, Caramel Apple on the right

It is the perfect time for a nap. I never have to nap alone though. As soon as I bring out a blanket some kind of sensor goes off that wakes Hunny up and she makes her way to the living room (meowing) and she hops up to join me. She cannot ,however, just lay down and go to sleep, she has to do "happy paws" for a good 5 minutes before she decides the spot is comfy enough to lay down. I just want to say " for the love, just lay down already" but if you disturb her it is like she starts all over. Its best to just suffer through and let her do her thing.

This evening I am off to the fire station to deliver their beloved pies then going to join Katie for a movie night. I love spending time with my sister in laws. They are both incredible people. I am so thankful that we are close and truly like sisters. It will be fun to kick back, play with my niece and watch a movie that I swear was based on my life story... 27 Dresses. A great movie about a woman that has been a bridesmaid 27 times. She runs around like a chicken with her head cut off to help out her soon to be married friends. A bunch of us girls saw it in the theater and I haven't watched it since. I can't wait! yay!

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