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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's Time!

Here we go.. "D" day in essence. The final performances on American Idol. I can't wait! Just over 2 hrs until the festivities begin. It is always a challenge to watch it at work but hopefully the night will start out slow. My co-worker and I are having a little "American Idol Final performance" party. I made taco 7 layer dip, "american idol" star cookies and we are having ice cream "microphone" cones. Call me a dork but I am SO excited.
Tomorrow night is the 2 hr finale. Im headed to the LaTours for a Finale Party. I am just slightly annoyed that the final show is 2 hrs long. My little heart just can't take all of the anticipation. Just tell me already!

I desperately want David Cook to win. My gut says David A. has a good chance because he has the teeny-bopper following. Hopefully the rest of our votes will over power the 12 yrs olds! My cell phone is charged, fired up and ready to text "vote" for David Cook. The voting lines should be open for a couple hours. You better believe I will texting my little heart out. Thank God for unlimited texting AND that AI uses AT&T. I sometimes I wish life came equipt with DVR so I could fast forward to the performances, watch them, then fast forward to the results.

While being distracted by the ending of American Idol, I realized I have two baby showers to go to on the same day in june. Luckily they are at different times so I can make it to both. It is crunch time however.. 2 babies means 2 baby blankets need to be made. I finished one and am am crocheting like crazy to finish the second. The second one has had a shakey start. It just wasn't looking right. I unraveled it atleast 3 times to start over. I think I finally got the pattern down last night. Time to kick it in high gear and get it done. I can't wait to go shopping for these little ones. I am even more excited to meet them. Just about 6 wks to go!


Jessica and Sean said...

Wow, I didn't know you could crochet. That is so cool. I tried to make a blanket for Landon, but I only got about quarter of it done. Anyways, I like your american Idol cookies, hehe!

Jessica Rae said...

You got to have a WORK AI party?!?! Super jealous! It sounded like fun! I made about 100+ calls from our home phone, but sadly the lines were wide open after 11:00. Don't know if that's good or bad for DC.