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Monday, May 19, 2008

Is it any wonder..

I have often wondered what it would be like to get married and have so many parts of your life come together in one day. Each of these parts have built you up to who you are today. Being a bridesmaid and involved in wedding festivities this past weekend made me think of it even more. Watching Shelli walk down the aisle was a surreal and overwhelming momnent. Realizing all of us standing up there as her attendants have played a role in who she is today. And on this day she was finally marrying the love of her life.

Had I not met her at Vanguard, I would have never been around to support her after a car accident, hug her when she was down, pray for her when she was sick, fall into her lap crying because someone had broken my heart, ran down the hallway from her as she was trying to grab my butt, sitting for hours in the outreach ministry office just talking, dressing up to represent and compete for the "west tower spirit cup". All of these things helped her become this wonderful person she is today. Wow.. I was part of it..

Meeting the other bridesmaids this weekend, I could see how she was friends with each of them. They are all amazing people. I loved hanging out by the pool just chatting with Natalie and Tabby, sharing a toast, joking around with Hiromi,chatting with Marleen at the spa, laughing with Tabby, navigating through the streets of Long Beach trying to find Chili's. In some ways these girls have changed my life. More little pieces in the puzzle of my life. It was a great weekend and I am so thankful I was part of it.

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Jessica Rae said...

YOWZA!!! Hottie tottie! You look amazing.