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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The power of a U-Turn

Have you ever thought of how convenient U-Turns are? I mean, with out them.. I would STILL be driving around Long Beach looking for my hotel.

Here I am in Long Beach for my friends wedding. I don't know the area all that well and addresses are not clearly marked on buildings. After passing by my hotel (twice) I finally see the entrance. I have decided that signal lights that do not allow U-Turns are completely inconvenient. I am obviously lost and all I need is ONE signal light to allow a U turn. If I make too many turns then I am WAY off course and who knows if I will ever get back to where I need to be. I finally get here, unpack and get ready for the rehersal. The good news is that my hotel is right next to where the wedding is. I can walk to the rehersal.

Next stop, rehersal dinner. Thankfully the "Macaroni Grill" has a large sign and it is easy to spot. Dinner was fabulous and I managed to get through it without any mishaps.. well, except for my little tumble in the parking lot. No one saw me so it will be our secret ok? Give me a break.. new shoes.. high heels even. Much higher than I normally wear and a hurt foot from a few days ago.

After dinner we all went to someone's house to hang out. Again.. poorly marked streets and addresses. Is it a luxury to have LIT street signs in San Diego? It must be because none of the street signs were lit up. Not to mention the private streets that have signs that are 3 inches x 5 inches! I pass the street once, not knowing it was the street. I get the the end of the main street and had to turn (no u turns allowed). Went up to the next street.. at the point I just don't care and I make a U-Turn. I made it convenient for ME. I figure if I got pulled over I could start crying and pull the "im not from around here and Im lost" card. I get back on the main street and .. woops.. there goes the street I need. Dang it! Next light "No U Turn". I decided to be a good girl and look for a legal place to make one. Let's not push our luck.

I finally get there to hang out and we have a wonderful time. finally it was time to go back to the hotel... I know what you are thinking.. I did just fine this time! Made it on the first try!

1 comment:

Penny said...

ROTFL....I love your stories, they make my day! I'd probably play the 'crying' trump card too...LOL...hey whatever works, right? Glad you had a wonderful time though!