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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May Days

May Days I sometimes wonder when life got so crazy. The month of May for instance.. how much can we cram into 31 days? Let's have a contest to see who can do the most! Burn Institute Boot Drive, Ride out at Deer Springs, 4 Birthdays, Mother's Day, Friends anniversaries, going to a wedding, baby sitting, Sea World. The list could go on forever.

The family celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday. I thought it would be fun to do something a little different and since mom absolutely HATES doing Burgers and Hot Dogs at BBQ's, it worked. I thought Kabobs would be yummy. I have this perfectionist and people pleaser side to me that gets me in trouble. We couldnt have just one kind of Kabob.. no, Shannon has to find 4 different recipes and make all of them.

Oh, wait.. we have birthdays too. CRAP! That means we need cake. I decide to make 3.. yes THREE different kinds of cupcakes w/filling. I think to myself "well, I am making Jimmy and Jessica's wedding cake, we can do cake taste testing for that too." There's this adorable decorating idea in the Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Each cupcake has a little ribbon tied around it. SO cute!( in the end I ditched the ribbon idea. Barely got them frosted)

In the midst of this I am still racking my brain to figure out what to give everyone as gifts. In an amazing moment of inspiration on Friday morning I think "SCRAPBOOKS!" I high tail it BACK to the scrapbook store. (The lady knows me by name now. That could be a sign that I have been there too much)I am there for hours... not good cuz I have a ton of cupcakes to make. I get home, throw cupcakes in the oven and break out the scrapbooking supplies. Then I just sit there...

Where did my inspiration go? What happened? Come back! I am on limited time! 24 hrs to complete 4 scrapbooks, 3 kinds of cupcakes and 4 kinda of kabobs. I am just staring at blank paper. Someone HELP! Finally, I get a few ideas and start working on my moms. Saturday I started working on sandy's but I couldnt find half the paper I had bought. Where in the world could it have gone? Its GOT to be here! Could I have really lost it between my car and front door??? Wait.. I was cutting it at the scrapbook store. Seriously, I didnt leave it there did I? OF COURSE I did! Way to GO! Go back to the store and there it is.

I still need to go to Costco and WalMart to pick up pictures, gift wrap, and bday gifts. Meet Brian, Katie and Peyton for lunch at Costco.. hey.. we are big spenders! I get home and its like 4 pm! I have 2 hrs to finish everything. Whew.. time is just flying by! Why couldnt I have thought of the scrapbooks a week earlier?

At this point I am pretty sure I have lost my mind! Load up the car, take it all to mom and dads. Print the notes from each kid and glue it into the scrapbooks then start the kabobs. Did I really buy that much meat? It took Brian and I nearly an hour to do them all. Everything turned out great though. Except I didnt finish the books for Katie and Jessica. Overall I had fun... Until I came home and it looked like the pillsbury dough boy trashed my kitchen and the scrapbook store blew up in my living room...

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Jessica Rae said...

The words "Glutton for Punishment" come to mind. But you do know how to throw one heck of a party!