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Friday, January 21, 2011

Eggs in a Basket

This breakfast is beyond easy, fun to look at, fun for kids to help make/eat, good for you and tasty.

Slices of bread
Butter or Non-Stick Spray
Round Biscuit cutter or cookie cutter

Heat your skillet/griddle on medium-high heat. Spray with Non-Stick spray if you're not using butter.

Take however many pieces of bread you need and lay them out in front of you.
Then place the cutter in the middle of the bread and cut out a hole. As centered as possible.

If using the butter, butter one side of the bread now. I was trying to keep the calories down on mine so I didn't use the butter.

Place your bread on the warm skillet/griddle, butter side down.

 Now crack an egg and poor the contents right into that hole. Salt and pepper the egg to taste.

Let that cook until the egg portion on top is just about done. About 3-4 min.
Then gently slip a spatula under the bread/egg and flip it over. Be gentle. you don't want to break the yolk.

Let the the egg finish cooking. Approx 2 min. Then remove from the heat and eat up!

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