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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Secret Garden

Jared's younger cousin, Casey, is a theater lover after my own heart. For the last year she has embraced being on the stage and her love for it has blossomed and is in full bloom. She is an amazing actress. Especially for the young age of 12.

Last year we watched her in "The Wiz". Although she was nervous during her solo, she knocked it out of the park! I may not be a blood relative but I was beaming with pride. I was impressed with her talent and professionalism on stage. She carried herself with confidence and she was clearly enjoying being on stage.

Yesterday we watched her in "The Secret Garden".


I could finish the post with that. She was incredible. First of all, her costume and hair do made her look way older than her 12 year old self. She looked atleast 19. For her first few minutes on stage all I could do was stare. I did my best to not sit there with my jaw hanging on the ground during her entire performance. She walked across the stage like she owned it. Like she has been doing this since birth.

She was in a cast made up of a few professionals, a few college kids, some high school students and others around Casey's age. I was blown away by the cast. Every single person was spot on. Their voices were smooth as silk. The duet between the two male leads gave me chills, literally.

And Casey... I cannot believe how much she has improved in the last 9months or so. She was fantastic in The Wiz, don't get me wrong. But now? It is even more clear that this girl is going places. I am incredibly proud of her and so thankful Jared has an amazing and close knit family like I do.

Meet the family:
Jared (in case you have forgotten his handsome face), Nana, Lynn (Jared's mom), David (Jared's stepdad), Pete (Casey's dad),Alison (Casey's mom) and in front, Miss Casey

Casey's Favorite two cousins:
 Casey and Tyler (Jared's nephew):

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