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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 29

The whole fam... and I mean the WHOLE fam(19 people) went to BJ's Pizza to celebrate Jared's birthday. I had my camera with me the whole time but I was a bit sandwiched in and I sorta forgot to take pictures. I am actually pretty disappointed in myself for only taking 2 pictures. It was a great group of people and we had so much fun.

I saw a bus pull up so I jokingly told Jared his party bus had arrived. About 60 seconds later we see about 25 high schoolers file off the bus and right into the room where we were having his dinner. We all kind of winced. 25 teenagers in one small room, all dressed up and ready for some kind of winter formal? It was going to get very loud, very quickly.

Much to his dismay, the loudest part of the evening was when the entire room sang him Happy Birthday. To be honest, my heart kind of broke for him. He is a quiet guy, on the shy side. He doesn't like a lot of attention and it was a struggle just to get him to agree to the dinner. He's not big on all of the focus being on him. I don't blame him. I was mortified for him. I know people think it is hilarious when the whole retaurant busts out in song on your behalf but it is truly embarassing. Poor guy. He was a good sport about it though.

At anny rate, the only picture I grabbed that evening was of this cutie pie. She's growing up too fast. That night she was all excited because she got to ride home with Uncle Jimmy and Auntie J. "Mom Uncle Jimmy said it is ok if I go to his house" (Insert a slight lisp on the s letter). Too cute and entirely too grown up of a moment for her mere 3 years.

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