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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 45

Valentine's Day. I never cared about this holiday when I was single. I am not sure why I care about it now. I honestly wish I didn't. I love making little heart shaped cookies and giving heart adorned treats to my nieces and nephews though.

Jared and I didn't have plans because we both had to work. I started feeling a really yucky in the tummy around 2:30am, while I was at work. About 4:30am I told my partner I needed to go home because I had been getting sick for 2 hours.

I got home and prayed and prayed to get better. About 10:00am my prayers were answered and I was finally able to hold down some water. I sipped slowly eventhough I wanted to drink a gallon right then and there. My tummy still wasn't feeling great so sleep didn't come easily. It was not a fun day.

Clearly I survived. I even had a chance to snap a picture. My kittens stayed by my side all day long. For whatever reason, Hunny likes to sleep under the covers when I am on the couch.

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