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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 35

My little munchkin isn't so little anymore. I had the privilege of watching Little Miss Peyton on Friday while mommy and daddy were shampooing carpets. We danced, fed ducks, took a walk,watched Mickey Mouse, played with her baby doll and took a nap. I love playing with her. She cracks up laughing at just about everything. She sings to Katy Perry songs and throws almost full pieces of bread to the ducks. Towards the end of our time together she asked if she could take a nap. Who am I to deny anyone the joy of taking a nap? I laid down with her and she was out in 5 minutes.

Peyton is a chatterbox. The thing that gets me is her very grown up sentences. She's 3. She needs to stop growing up so fast! It is hard enough digesting the fact that my oldest niece, Alissa will be 13 this year. 13 ?!?! Lord help me.

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